My Journey Towards Success


My¬†success journey started out similar to many people. I wasn‚Äôt brought up in a¬†success-oriented family, we were middle class. My parents never taught me about goal achievement, financial abundance, gratitude or much that is related to success. I now view this as a blessing, as the advice they would give me would likely put me on the same “success” path as them. There was nothing wrong with the lives my parents had made for themselves, but I knew one thing was for sure – I didn‚Äôt want to turn into them, I wanted much more so that I could provide much more. A very¬†successful man once told me ‚ÄúNever accept advice from someone you wouldn‚Äôt want to trade places with.‚ÄĚ This wise phrase wouldn‚Äôt come until years later into my pursuit for personal development. Back to the¬†beginning of it all.¬†


When It All Began

Believe it or not,¬†I¬†wasn’t always this hell bent on becoming a¬†successful young man. Back in the day¬†I was very¬†unsuccessful, a loser to be¬†honest. ¬†The first turning point in my life began when I was 15 years old. I had only been in high school for a few months and I started to get associated with the wrong people. I had started picking up habits such as doing drugs and getting drunk at school, not to mention having run-ins with local police on a weekly basis.

One day on the bus ride home, I started reflecting about my life and the choices I was making. I had a feeling that if I continued to act recklessly, I would end up in a very bad place down the road.  I realized that I didn’t want to stay on the same path as my friends, I wanted to become successful! After that self-reflection I decided to disassociate myself from the people I grew close with in the prior months.

I tried becoming friends with the academic and success-oriented kids at school, which was difficult. Honestly, I don’t blame them for rejecting me at first, I had become the type of person your parents want you to stay away from. Eventually I joined sports teams and integrated myself into a better association of friends. After I  switched friends, I quit smoking and drugs and focused on bettering myself so that I could maximize the opportunity in my future. 

Building Up Success Momentum

Shortly after graduation, I was accepted into post-secondary for engineering. During that year, I was offered the opportunity to own/operate a franchise over the course of the summer. At first I was skeptical, and my classmates told me it was a pyramid and Ponzi scheme. But to my pleasant surprise it was a legitimate opportunity, so I decided to pursue it as the experience of running my own business at the age of 18 would be an asset to my future success. 


Early Setbacks

The first summer running a franchise ended up as a disaster. The first two months of the summer were going well, but the last two was when everything came apart. Heres a list of a couple of things that went wrong:

– I had not adequately trained my employees so quality of the projects were an issue.

РI was not properly monitoring my employees and setting expectations with them. (They took advantage of that) 

РProjects were not being completed on time because I had started too many. 

РIn the first week of August all eight of my employees quit. 

– I was unable to complete all of the started projects by myself. (Had to pay my employees out-of-pocket)

– Lateness and lack of completion led to clients becoming upset.

– I had ruined my reputation in the small town I was operating.

–¬†I had racked up $5000 in debt. (Which was a lot at the time)¬†

– One of my employees wanted to take me to court due to delayed payments. (Because I was more than broke)

РI was so stressed I considered jumping off a bridge. 


Even More Setbacks

So at this point of my summer, I was broke, stressed to the max, and everyone hated me. All I could think was blaming the corporation I was franchising for. 

Usually franchisees close down and finish production at the end of August as school starts again in September. For the first two weeks of September I ate Oatmeal three meals a day because I literally had no money and owed a lot. I had to apply for student loans just so that I could survive and also to pay for school. I returned to school in September, but working every weekend until the middle of November (It started to snow) to finish the projects I could. There was no way on God’s green earth that I was signing back for a second summer. 


Taking Ownership

Fast forward about a month and that was when the second pivotal point in my life struck. It also started out with a self-reflection, but this time while driving. I remember being so mad at the company as I lost so much money, became so stressed and they never helped me out, I just suffered in silence.

Then all of a sudden, I realized that every single thing that had happened in the previous summer was an outcome of the decisions that I made. The¬†corporation was in fact not to blame, but I was actually the one to blame. Everything from the dissatisfaction of my clients to my lack of a bank account, all my fault. Also not to mention that I didn‚Äôt even reach out to the support within the company. The reason I received no help from them was because I never asked for help. Totally and absolutely my fault. My life changed¬†forever when¬†I realized I ‘m responsible for outcomes caused by my choices. I knew I needed to make yet another drastic change in my life or I would end up in shambles.¬†


Preserving When Most Would Quit

I decided to renew my agreement with the company to franchise the following summer. ¬†I vowed to myself that I was going to become a completely different person and run a successful¬†business. I’d invested a little of my student loan money into two personal development books. Those books were what I needed to shift the direction of my life and kick my ass into gear. The start of summer was tough as my loan had diminished and I had no money for my marketing budget. But I decided that desperate times call for desperate measures and continued to sell a few of my personal belongings including my TV *Gasp*. Shocking I know, but that‚Äôs what I needed to do in order to build up momentum to get my business up and running.¬†


Kicking Ass

Over the course of my second summer operating a franchise I grew into a completely different person, for the better. I used a combination of my experience from the first summer and Personal Development Material to change the direction of my life. By the end of summer, I’d produced 3x of what I did the previous summer and was very profitable. I also took four weeks of vacation during the 16 month production period and had very little stress (thanks to improved time management skills.

It’s amazing how a changing your mindset and reading a few books can change your business and even your life. I had won the Most Improved Operator award (shocker I know) at the end of my successful summer. They also offered me a position to be a consultant so that I could help other franchisees run successful businesses. I accepted the offer as I knew that the opportunity of having a positive impact on other student franchisees would be priceless, not to mention the additional skills I’d be acquiring. 


So that brings us to present day

Now, 20 years old, I run a successful consulting company that will be doing about $2M in sales. My hobbies consist of day-trading and focusing on my Personal Development. Looking back, I can’t believe how important personal development is for a young individual. The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I want to lead you on the right path. I want to help you achieve massive levels of success at a young age.  Don’t know where to start? You can count on me to get you pointed in the right direction. 

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