The Magic of Time Management

What Is Time Management?

Managing the day effectively to ensure necessary effort is spent on tasks that require it, summarizes time management. This contortion of your personal schedule dictates how you spend your hours awake. It will either act as your best friend if you develop strong management skills or it will be your worst enemy if you lack the skills.


Why Is Time Management Important?

Having control over your minutes isn’t only important to your success, but essential. One cannot reach their desired level of success without controlling their schedule and maximizing the use of their focus.

Your time management skills paired with punctuality greatly impacts your credibility. An example of this is if you were to make a plan for lunch with a client of yours. Showing up even five minutes late and making clients wait won’t just irritate them, but the lack of punctuality expressed will lead them to not take you seriously. An everyday example of this is when a young person on their ascend to success threatens their reputation by being late or missing appointments due to “traffic” or other unacceptable excuses. This is part of the reason our older generations have the assumption that millennials are lazy, unmotivated, apathetic… the list goes on.


Time Management On Productivity

One perk of having these management skills include being able to get more accomplished through scheduled focused time and thus improving your personal productivity. Another positive consequence of developing time management skills is the ability to have more freedom and reduced stress. You probably had to read that a few times, but yes, I said it! Holding power over your moments is the key to having more time and feeling less stress! To create more time, scheduling your important “Must Do” tasks and accomplishing in those allocated appointments is key. Once completing the tasks, relax time, take a moment for yourself, plan an adventure or spend remaining hours doing whatever!

Now on the stress aspect. If you’ve ever had a million things to do but have no idea where to start, you can probably vouch that this feeling creates a paralysis and all you do is procrastinate and check Snapchat® or Facebook®. Feeling overwhelmed causes stress and the procrastinating you do created by overwhelm only multiplies the stress. When you schedule allocated time slots within your schedule for each task, you create structure in a world of chaos. Stress and anxiety coming from feeling overwhelmed will be greatly reduce once you apply this structure.


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