Factors Impacting Concentration

Diet’s Impact On Concentration

Believe it or not, your diet has a substantial impact on your ability to concentrate! First of all, not eating enough will obviously effect your concentration negatively as your stomach will be constantly reminding you to eat. But it’s not just about eating to stay full, what you put in your mouth matters. For increased concentration, eating foods rich in omega fatty acids and B-vitamins will help. Foods high in sugar and empty carbohydrates will temporarily increase blood sugar levels and you’ll feel great for a short period. If you are running on this  “sugar high” you are going to crash and focused efforts will be useless.


Hydration Concentration

Hydration is an essential part of staying concentrated. Dehydration causes irritability and a multitude of other issues. While coffee and other enticing stimulants contain water, pure water is the best way to stay properly hydrated. Studies have shown that a couple hundred milligrams of caffeine increases concentration temporarily, be careful not to overdo it! Caffeine in moderation is great, but a double espresso every two hours is not considered moderation. More coffee doe not equal more concentration and going overboard will lead to a caffeine crash similar to a sugar high crash, leaving you useless.


Sleep Essentialism

It’s common knowledge that getting enough sleep is good for you, but not everyone understands that sleep effects your levels of concentration. Getting the suggested amount of sleep (6-8 hour) recharges your batteries, allowing you to go full-try-hard. On the flip side, sleep deprivation is dangerous even beyond cognitive function. Lack of adequate sleep effects decision making and productivity in a negative manner.  If sleep deprivation persists, hallucinating may occur! I speak from personal experience when I say that it’s very difficult to concentrate when you’re seeing and hearing things that aren’t there! Do yourself and your concentration a favour and catch those Z’s.


Remember that concentration is key. 💪


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